About même studio

  • même studio is a fashion online store launched by two long lasting friends—a professional fashion editor Yui and a fashion buyer Sophia. Yui worked for a fashion website in China whilst Sophia worked with a French buying office. Together they decided to found a select online store in May, 2019 where Yui became the head vision director and Sophia took over as the technical supervisor.
  • Their friendship led them to discover that despite their different backgrounds they both shared a passion for unique, fashionable and exquisite lifestyle.
  • même studio features some fashionable items like a piece of lovely jewelry, a glamorous bag, a nice drawing, and maybe a pair of modern shoes. To advocate the effortless chic in a comfortable, natural and exquisite lifestyle. Also to express the individuality and delight the female herself in the daily wearing.
  • “même” was inspired by the French word “même”. In French, it has the meaning of “same” and “me”, while in Chinese, “meme” has the meaning of “love” and “sensation”. Every female is same here that has similar aesthetic, but different to each one with their own unique characteristics.